Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

by Greg McKeown

The cornerstone of essentialism is the never-ending task of identifying the less important things in your life to cut out and doing what’s left over to a higher standard.

Nowadays, hardly anyone has time to be bored. Modern technologies like our smartphones mean that we have access to a wealth of communication and entertainment. Since no one actually likes being bored, this sounds like a great thing.

Be clear about your goals by having an essential intent: one main objective that is both inspirational and concrete.

The key message in this book: In spite of how it might seem, only a few things are actually vital to our goals and well-being, and everything else is unimportant. By focusing on these few essential things and learning to do better by doing less, we can craft a life that is far more productive and fulfilling.

Rather than constantly adding more and more responsibilities and material possessions to your life, try instead to find ways to cut things out. The more trivial things you can eliminate from your thinking and routine, the better you’ll be at what’s left; the things that truly matter.

chosen from the Blinkist

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